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University of Malaya Wellness Program

Welcome to the University of Malaya Wellness Webpage. This webpage is created to support the University of Malaya Wellness Program. It will be used as a channel to provide information, education and interaction with the UM Wellness participants. The UM Wellness Program is opened to all UM staff aged 40 years and above.

The University of Malaya Wellness Program is an effort of the UM management to promote the employees' health and well-being in collaboration with the Department of Social & Preventive Medicine, Faculty of Medicine. It is established in response to the Malaysian government's policy (Pekeliling 2003, Bil 3) which encourages all employees aged 40 years and above to conduct health screening and physical examination at regular interval.

The UM Wellness program offers health screening or health risks assessment which will be able to identify employees who are at high risks for chronic diseases. Risk factors such as high cholesterol level, high blood pressure, obesity, physical inactivity, unhealthy diet, smoking and stress will be identified, followed by health education through this webpage and/or referral to clinician/ dietitian when the need arises.

Supportive environment in the campus will also be provided such as healthier choices of food to be offered by canteens and cafeterias within the campus, enforcement of no smoking in campus etc.

The mission of this program is to educate, support and empower the UM staff to make and promote healthy lifestyle choices as well as to take a pro-active approach to personal well being.

Start taking care of your health by participating in the UM Wellness Program.

UM Wellness Screening (2011)  - COMING SOON !

We are now in the FOURTH year of the UM Wellness Programme. This year’s Health Screening will be carried out from 13 June 2011.

The venue for screening is at Dewan Perdana 1, Blok D,PERDANSISWA.

All staff aged 35 years and above will be invited for the screening.  Staff who are aged between 35 to 39 years old will be screened every TWO years, while those who are aged 40 years and above will be screened YEARLY

The health screening includes measurement of weight, height, waist circumference, blood pressure and the taking of blood for fasting blood glucose, full lipid profile (total cholesterol, HDL-cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, triglyceride), uric acid, renal profile (kidney) and full blood count as well as some enquiries on medical background and lifestyle practices (diet, exercise & stress).   

Fasting for a period of 8 hours prior to the screening is required. Fasting requires that a person does not take any food or drink (except for plain water) from 11 pm the night before.   

Letters of invitation will be sent out to all eligible staff.   If you have not received any invitation letter from us by 6 June 2011, please e-mail us at  or call Ms Theresa / Ms Anne Chu at 7967 5779.  If you are unavailable on the appointment date, email us for a change of appointment. 

We respectfully request that all who have been invited for screening to come within the specific time frame as stated in the invitation letter (either 7.30 – 8.30am or 8.30 – 9.30am).

It is good for you to know of your health status, monitor it and take action if needed.  Those found to have health indicators will be referred for further follow up.    Please make full use of this programme. Start taking care of your health now.  

Prevention is better than cure.

Wellness for Health Exhibition (20-21 May 2011 at Dewan Tunku Canselor, Universiti Malaya) NEW

Organised by Department of Social & Preventive Medicine, other departments from Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Dentistry

This exhibition is organised with the aims of increase health awareness on maintaining of healthy weight, healthy lifestyle (good dietary practices, physically active, quit smoking, stress free)and attend health screening regularly.  This event is opened for all UM staff and students as well as community within the Klang Valley.  There will be an opening ceremony at 9.00am on 20 May 2011 where the Vice Chancellor and top management of the university will be present.  We will start with a morning exercise at 8.30am in front of DTC.  For more details,  please click here.

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